Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s time to get creative with your marketing campaigns. According to National Retail Federation, 164 million people plan to shop on Black Friday this year, making this the biggest shopping day of the year. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on Black Friday to make your sales goals. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Black Friday marketing ideas you can implement this year.

What is Black Friday Marketing?

Black Friday Marketing refers to all marketing efforts that take place around Black Friday. The term Black Friday Marketing was coined by Ken Walker, a consumer psychologist. Black Friday Marketing includes everything from Black Friday ads and commercials to emails and even social media posts.

Even though Black Friday Marketing is relatively new, it’s becoming increasingly influential. In fact, it’s estimated that 25% of retailers’ annual profits are attributed to Black Friday Marketing. So, if you have your own business, you’ll want to be on top of this marketing trend to maximize your sales.

Let’s take a look at the different elements of Black Friday Marketing and how you can leverage them for your business.

7 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas

1. Get more discovery with targeted SEO

Black Friday is the perfect time to get more discovery with targeted SEO. With so many deals available, you'll be able to find the perfect marketing tools to boost your website traffic.

There are a variety of tools that you can use to promote your website during Black Friday. You can use Google AdWords to promote your website on the search engines, or you can use social media to drive traffic to your site. You can also use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

Whatever marketing strategy you choose, make sure that you are targeting your audience. You'll want to focus your marketing efforts on people who are likely to be interested in your products or services. By getting more discovery with targeted SEO, you'll be able to boost your website traffic and reach your marketing goals.

2. Create a sense of urgency

By making purchases time sensitive, you will create a sense of urgency. Many consumers prefer to make purchases outside of normal business hours, so by making purchases time sensitive you will maximize the number of sales that you make.

Use a website timer: One of the best ways to create a sense of urgency is by displaying a timer on your web page. These timers work like a countdown and will slowly count down to a certain date.

Use a timer for offers: Many consumers prefer to receive offers outside of normal business hours, so consider using a timer for offers. The timer should count down to a particular date, when the offer will expire. This will create a sense of urgency and motivate consumers to purchase early.

3. Offer different deals for every hour/day

3. Offer different deals for every hour/day

There is another reason why people shop on Black Friday. They buy things that they didn’t know they needed. Use this to your advantage by offering different deals every hour. For example, offer free shipping for the first hour, standard shipping for the first hour, but free coffee for the first hour and so on.

4. Give long-time customers exclusive deals

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for you to reach out to your customers and let them know how much they mean to your business. In fact, your customers may be expecting and looking for special deals from you this Black Friday.

To make the most of this opportunity, consider implementing these four special deals for some of your best customers:

1. A “Black Friday” sale. Create an exclusive deal for your best customers. For example, you might offer 10% off any order over $100 or 25% off any order over $250.

2. A “Black Friday” bonus. Offer an extra item for free when your best customers spend a certain amount. For example, you might offer a free pair of newly-released socks with orders over $100.

3. A “Black Friday” upgrade. Give each customer who spends a certain amount an upgrade to one of your other products. For example, you might give customers that spend over $50 a free upgrade to your premium shipping.

4. A “Black Friday” referral program. Create an exclusive referral program that will give existing customers a percentage off their next purchase for each referral they make. For example, you might offer each customer who refers a friend a free gift.

5. Offer bundles and package deals

Offer bundled packages and special deals for your products that will attract shoppers. Consider bundling some of your products together and offering a discount. Or, offer shoppers a deal if they buy multiple products.

6. Provide conditional free shipping

Free shipping is an effective way to entice customers to buy your products. However, free shipping isn’t worth offering to everyone. Only offer free shipping on orders over $100, and offer a 3 to 5% discount for customers who buy on orders less than that. This way, customers are more likely to buy more products in order to qualify for the free shipping.

You can also use limited-time offers to increase sales. For example, offer free shipping on all orders for Black Friday. This tactic will help to increase customer interest – and your sales!

7. Offer a live giveaway with an influencer

1. Decide which product you want to offer as a giveaway.

Your giveaway can be anything, as long as it’s something your audience will want. If you don’t have enough to sell, consider offering a free design or consulting service to one lucky person. There are plenty of other options, such as an ebook, a signed book, or a bookmark.

2. Identify which influencers to target.

Identify as many people in your industry as possible and determine which ones have the largest social media following. These are the people you’ll want to contact.

3. Send out an email offering a free giveaway.

When contacting influencers, remember that they’re busy people. If you can, offer to send a sample product first. Give them time to inspect it and offer their feedback.

4. Decide how you’ll reward the influencer.

Your giveaway should require no work from the influencer, other than posting about your product. Offer incentives such as free product, gift cards, and free publicity.

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