Here’s how to make money from Youtube Monetization 2021

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Every time you upload a video to YouTube, you have the potential to make money. Remember that Google owns YouTube, and Google is the king of online ads. 

Luckily, there are several ways to accomplish this let’s tamoke a deeper look at each of these streams. 

Sell products or merchandise. Crowdfund your next creative project. Let your audience support your work through “fan funding.” License your content to the media. Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate. Become a YouTube Partner and earn money from ads. 

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Three Steps To Better Writing

better writing
Do you hate to write? Does it take you a long time to get the words on the page? Usually when people struggle to write, it’s because they are trying to edit as they go along. There is an easier way to write and be more creative! Read the three steps to better writing below.

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5 Tips For Improving Site’s Search Engine Positioning

Almost all webmasters or website owners are looking for ways to get better results from their websites. They wish to improve their site’s standing and get better rankings in search engines. This quest for improved results, known as search engine positioning, can be satisfied by following a few basic procedures.Before you even begin, you have to realize that you are competing against hundreds, and in some categories, thousands of websites offering similar products and services. In the case of affiliate marketing, many of the competing websites may even be identical! If you want to get the edge over these competitors and improve your search engine positioning you have to fine-tune your website and actively work to make it better.

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7 Tips For Buying Cheap Laptop


Almost everyone is carrying one now either for work or entertainment. Laptops with the latest technology are introduced to the market every day and these new laptops come with a huge price tag. However, that does not mean you cannot get a good and cheap laptop. I have put together a guide that may help you out in your hunt for a cheap and good laptop.

Buy cheap laptop with older technology.

Rapid advance in technology makes it…

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Getting Things Done Through Motivation

This article is about getting things done by riding on the back of your initial motivation.

There is a window within which we need to do things/get tasks done. Particularly when it comes to working with other people. If you have a meeting for instance, try to follow up the actions you establish at the meeting (make them clear, simple and specific) within three days. If you don’t work on the weekends, be mindful of the fact that’s two days lost.

If you can’t follow up within three days contact the person with/for whom you have agreed to carry out the actions and give them as accurate an estimation as you can as to how long it is going to take you to follow through. This contact is to aid continuity.

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How Do You Choose an Affiliate Program?

So you are one of those millions of people who want to work at home, you have done some research and like the idea of the support and benefits affiliate marketing offers. You like the fact that the products are provided, together with training and other perks to start you earning commissions quickly; even without a website. You have been searching Google for programs but there are so many to choose from, you are in a quandary already!

Here are some guidelines to help you:

If you choose a topic you are really interested in, passionate even, you will be keen to work with your business and each day will be exciting watching it grow. You will want to recommend your products to like-minded people to help them learn more, meanwhile you will be learning too.

Here are some profitable niches you may be interested in:

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