Google is bringing all its Nest Cam features to Google Home for web, allowing users to view recorded videos, scroll event timelines, and download clips through their web browser. This update brings the full functionality of Nest cameras to Google's own platform, enhancing the user experience.
Users can now view and download recorded clips from Google Nest cams on the Google Home web portal. This feature eliminates the need to switch between apps and web portals, providing a seamless experience.

Access recorded footage

With the new update, users can easily scroll through the event timeline of their Nest Cam recordings on the Google Home web interface. This allows for quick navigation and review of specific events.

Scroll through event timeline

Google is introducing the ability to create custom clips from recorded footage on both the web and the Google Home app. Users can select a start and end time from any recording and turn it into a clip, providing more flexibility in capturing important moments.

Create custom clips

To access these new features, users will need a Nest Aware subscription, which starts at $8 a month. This subscription provides additional benefits such as extended video history and advanced alerts.

Nest Aware subscription

With the integration of Nest Cam features into Google Home for web, users can enjoy a more streamlined and convenient experience. The ability to access recorded footage, scroll through event timelines, and create custom clips all in one place enhances the usability of Google's smart home ecosystem.

Improved user experience

Google's integration of Nest Cam features into Google Home for web brings added convenience and functionality to users.With every improvement to the Google Home app and web interface, Google is moving closer to consolidating its smart home ecosystem and providing a seamless user experience.