Know About Cyber Attacks

A Cyber Attack Is An Attempt To Gain Access To Your Phone Or Computer

It Is Important To Protect Your Device From Cyber Attacks

Phishing Attack Happens When A Malicious Sender Is Pretending To Be A Legitimate Source

The Sender May Also Send A Corrupt Link To A Website That Leads To Downloads Of Malicious Software

Ransomeware Is A Type Of Cyber Attack In Which The User Is Held Hostage And Exploited Until They Pay A Ransom To The Attacker

It Can Also Be Transported From One System To Another Through An Internal Network

A 'Man In The Middle' Attack Is When A Third Person Intervenes In A Transaction

Unsecured Public Wifi Networks Can Be Used To Enter And Download Users Information

Password Attack Occurs When The Network Is Not Secured

The Attacker Can Create A False Login Link In Order To Steal The Password