Fear is normal, healthy emotion. The problem is when you don’t deal with it in a positive way.

Fear is a normal, healthy emotion. The problem is when you don’t deal with it in a positive way. The fear will keep you stuck. It will keep you from living your life. It will keep you in a constant state of stress. This will make you feel like your life is never going to change, and you will feel powerless.

 We have all experienced fear at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes we fear something that might happen in the future, such as an exam, a job interview, a public speaking engagement, a dangerous situation, etc. Other times we may feel afraid because we have done something wrong or made a mistake. Perhaps you’ve even felt fear about losing something that is important to you, such as money, relationships, or your self-esteem. Fear is natural and can even be helpful in some situations. However, if you let it control your life, you will suffer more than you need to.

What is fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotional state in which an individual feels a sense of impending danger or harm.

It is a negative emotion that drives people to avoid pain

It sometimes causes feelings of anger, hatred, anxiety, frustration, and sadness

Fear makes you feel unsafe, alone, or helpless

Fear can cause physical changes in your body

It sometimes drives people to do things they don’t want to do

As long as you are feeling fear, you are living with the past and you are not moving into your future. The past is the story of your life, and the future is what’s yet to come. The only way to move forward in life is by looking at the present. The past is behind you; it’s done. The future is still ahead of you; there’s no guarantee that you will live it out the way you think.  A negative emotional state such as fear keeps you from moving forward in life. It causes you to focus on your past and your future instead of on your present.

How do I overcome fear?

Accept the fact that you cannot control the outcome of every situation. You can control your response to the situation. Allow yourself to feel the fear and say to yourself, I’m afraid, but I will not let fear control me. Be aware of your fear; accept it; allow it to be there; and then go forward.

Be prepared and ready to deal with any situation, no matter how challenging it is. If you are not, then you will never learn to be ready for what will come next. If you are afraid to walk into the darkness of the unknown, then you should stay away from the light of your potential.

Learn to let go of your fear and move on.

Stay calm, breathe deeply, and try to remain focused.If you feel yourself starting to panic, you can always count slowly to ten. If that doesn’t work, count backwards from ten to zero. The important thing is to try to remain calm. 

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is often caused by fear of disapproval or ridicule from others. It may also be caused by the fear of not being able to live up to one’s own standards. It is the fear of being judged by others.

Success can mean different things. It can be material, such as the attainment of material wealth, or it can be psychological, such as the attainment of a state of mental tranquility. 

Fear of success is the fear that our ideas, actions, or even emotions will be judged by others. It is a fear of being criticized.

 Furthermore, the fear of success can be a powerful motivating force because of the belief that we have something to prove to others. When you are aware of this belief, it will make you want to do better. You will be motivated to work harder, be more conscientious, and set higher standards for yourself. The fear of failure is very common. It’s a healthy emotion. The problem comes when you let it control your life and make you feel powerless and out of control.

The fear of failure causes you to become passive. It leads you to avoid challenges and problems, and it causes you to avoid making new and different choices. It keeps you from moving forward in life. It causes you to worry about what people will think of you.

Fear is not always bad

It’s a big misconception that fear is never helpful… That fear is always bad.

The truth is that fear can help you survive and thrive. And fear has a big purpose in your life… It’s what keeps you from taking stupid risks. It’s what stops you from jumping out of a plane because you’re afraid of falling. It’s what forces you to take on more responsibility when you get older, so you can live a full, happy life.


We all have fear, it’s just part of being human. You can either be a victim or a victor. Which one are you?
When you choose to be brave, you are choosing to go forward instead of standing still and waiting for life to happen to you. You are choosing to believe that you deserve happiness and you are no longer going to allow fear to take you down.

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